Wall Model

: PJ-WA181 (CG)

Wall Model

: PJ-WA181 (WH)

Model : PJ-WA181 WALL FAN


  • Powerful airflow up to 3 levels.
  • Thermo fuse prevents overheating.
  • Electric current fuse guards against electrical surge.
  • High quality and flame retardant material
  • Dimension 519 x 585 x 407 mm.
  • 18” 3 blades propeller produce stronger refreshing wind
  • High quality neck, able to vertically adjust its angle up to 6 levels
  • Synchronous motor perfectly maintains constant horizontal turning rate, prolong the fan lifespan.
  • Premium motor with built-in ball bearing increase motor lifespan.
  • Reliable easy-install with specially designed locking screws

Special Feature

Synchronous Motor


Adjust its angle up to 6 levels

3 safety

3 safety function
Thermal Fuse
Current Fuse
 Fire Retardant

TISI. 934-2558

RoHS standard

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