Kitchen Appliances Model

: KS-COM18 White-Grey

Kitchen Appliances Model

: KS-COM18 Grey- Dark Grey

Model : KS-COM18 Electronic Rice Cooker


  • Power consumption 830 Watt.
  • Capacity: 1.8 Liters.
  • Dimension (296 mm. x 242 mm. x 408 mm.). 
  • DAS (Direct Access System), make you more comfortable by directly pressing the program required.
  • Cooking Time Function, allow you to adjust for precise and consistent results for cake/ bread and slow cook program. 
  • Clear LCD display.
  • Detachable inner lid with steam vent for easy-cleaning.
  • 24 Hrs. advance cooking time setting.
  • The alarm sounds when it’s finished cooking.

Special Feature

“A” Grade Aluminum Alloy Inner Pot

- Due to the curve surface design, the menu can be cooked all over layers.

- Poly Flon coating can make ripen rice non-stick and easy cleaning.

- Premium grade plastic handle, the easy-lift-off outer pot even very high temperature from cooking.


Precise temperature and timing control, make ripen rice soft in all over layers and create variety special menus.

Fold-up carrying handle and Automatic Cord Reel

for easy carry-ons and easy & tidy storage after-use.


SHARP’s exclusive technology, fluorocarbon, is safety, long-lasting and high temperature endurance being certified.

Inner Lid Heater Plate

for surround heating prevent food from turning rancid.

Food Grade Steaming tray and Ladle

Outer pot

made of high quality plastic for improved durability & heat reservation, keep the rice warm for hours without power on.

TISI.1039-2547 FEC

24 Hrs. advance cooking time setting

  • (KS-COM10, KS-COM18)
    24 Hrs. advance cooking time setting

Safety Function

Thermo Fuse Safety cuts off the operation in case of electrical current malfunction.

Menu made from this Product