Jar Pot Model

: KP-Y40P (GP)

Model : KP-Y40P Electric Jar Pot Tel-Star Series


  • Capacity: 4.0 Liters
  • Power Consumption 700 Watts
  • Magnetic Plug prevents the pot from toppling improving safety
  • Water level indicator clearly displays the water level on the pot
  • Dimension (218mm. 415mm. 290mm.)
  • 100 C boiling with re-boiling button
  • Inner Pot is made of Stainless and is coated by POLY-FLON
  • Safety Pipe made of stainless steel is for the lowest water level to refill.

Special Feature


SHARP’s exclusive technology, fluorocarbon, is safety, long-lasting and high temperature endurance being certified.

Uni-Cap: safe-simple to open

Fast Re-boil within 3-5 minutes


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