Kitchen Appliances Model

: KS-R18ST (CY)

Model : KS-R18ST New Wave Serie s


  • Capacity: 1.8 Liters 
  • Power Consumption: 600 Watt
  • Dimension (308 mm. x 306 mm. x 285 mm.) 
  • Extra-large bottom heater plate for faster cooking
  • TRS temperature control system keeps the rice warm by maintaining temperature at 70—76C
  • Side heater thoroughly cooks every grain
  • Top heater prevents water vapor formation, keeping rice from turning rancid
  • Food Grade Steaming tray and Ladle 
  • Poly Flon coating can make ripen rice non-stick and easy –cleaning 
  • Thermo Fuse Safety cuts off the operation during electrical current malfunction.

Special Feature

Food Grade Steaming tray and Ladle


SHARP’s exclusive technology, fluorocarbon, is safety, long-lasting and high temperature endurance being certified.

TISI.1039-2547 FEC

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